Runners Awards

What times do i need to get?

The times for the standards depend on your age category and are based on Age Grading as used by parkrun and which can be found on the Running for Fitness website. Use the search form below to look for the standards for your age category.

Note: Awards are based on finish times, not recorded pace. Paces are shown to help give you a rough idea of what pace you may need to run. Races often measure different to the advertised distance due to many factors such as GPS accuracy, not taking the racing line, etc. Take this into account when trying to achieve the finish time you're aiming for.

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Half Marathon

How do I claim an award?

You can claim your award if in any calendar year you have been a member of the club throughout the period over which all the runs have taken place and you have the required standard (your age counting as of the date of the run).

Claim your award by filling in the claim award form.

After checking, you will be presented with your certificate on a club night or other club event.